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Information For Digital Artists

What SculptNova can do for you –

  • We locate the commissions
  • We write and submit the qualification packs and proposals
  • We handle the communication with the client
  • We manage the timelines and budgets
  • We manufacture and install the sculpture

What do we ask from you?

  • Be an available world class digital sculptor
  • Provide us with your bio and portfolio
  • Enjoy the unveiling of your masterpiece!!

Information For Clients

Why choose SculptNova?

  • We offer a team approach including world class artists, manufacturing expertise, and project management
  • World class digital artists bring a new design style, not typically seen in traditional clay methods
  • We represent the artist, provide one point of contact for the project, and manage everything including communications, timelines, budgets, manufacturing, and installation
  • We have the ability to provide miniature samples of sculpture designs for you to use in team decision making, as fundraising gifts, or for any other use you can think of for a miniature sample!

How We Work

SculptNova is here to assist world class artists by transforming their digital sculpture designs into physical monuments.  We use cutting edge technology that allows for a whole new realm of design styles to be discovered.  We are opening doors that will revolutionize the expectations of bronze sculptures!

SculptNova is a diverse group of individuals who bring our unique talents together to make this work. We are building on CEO, Gavin Bruce’s proven history with traditional monumental bronze sculpture commissions and using new advances in technology to allow digital designs to be used.  

World class digital artists design the sculpture and we take care of the rest.  We bring their designs to reality.

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